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MyBatis implements pedding

May 16, 2021 MyBatis

1. The original method, using limit, needs to handle the plying logic yourself:

For mysql databases you can use limit, such as:

select * from table limit 5; --返回前5行

select * from table limit 0,5; --同上,返回前5行

select * from table limit 5,10; --返回6-15

Rownum can be used for oracle databases, such as:

-- For example, 20 records Sys_option be retrieved from the table sys_id (the primary key is sys_id), as follows

SELECT * FROM (SELECT ROWNUM R,t1.* From Sys_option where rownum < 30 ) t2

Where t2.R >= 10

2. Intercept StateHandler, whose essence is to generate a limit statement at the end


3. Using the PageHelper plug-in is a more common approach today:

Because the length is too long and detailed process to read the original text: