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Learn Java first or Python first?

May 29, 2021 Article blog

There are a lot of beginners who are wavering about learning Java first or Python, and don't know how to choose. So today we're going to talk about whether to learn Java first or Python first.

Learn Java first or Python first? A thousand people have a thousand Hamlets, and some suggest learning Java first, because Java is an object-oriented high-level language, it is "write code once, can be used anywhere" as the original intention, can complete any size of the task, become the first choice for many companies to develop;

 Learn Java first or Python first?1

Getting started with Python3

Python syntax is simple and easy to use in terms of language itself, while Java is relatively difficult. I n terms of getting started with programming languages, Python output "hello world" requires only one line of code, while Java requires four lines of code. T he difference between the two can be seen from this. But because of Java's complex syntax, it's easier to learn other languages when Java is learned, and the logic of the algorithms involved is clearer.

 Learn Java first or Python first?2

Java micro-class

From the practical application of both, Python can be used to quickly develop a website, such as domestic pods are developed with Python; Python is also used in the operation and maintenance of automated system networks; and artificial intelligence and data analysis are commonly used by Python. Java is often used for app development, website backends, and more, and some large enterprise applications are also java-enabled.

Whether you learn Python first or Java first depends on your personal interests, including a career plan for the future. Of course, if both are naturally the best, if you can't have both, choose one of your favorites.

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