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Is there a future in learning Java?

May 29, 2021 Article blog

Is there a future in learning Java? The answer to this question is yes!

Java benefits

Java to the birth of more than 20 years, by the vast number of programming developers sought after, high practicality, good performance, strong compatibility are its advantages. It is also on the basis of these advantages that Java is able to position itself on the programming development language list.

There is a high demand for talent

Learning Java can add points to your job search career and improve your competitiveness. A ccording to the data, the demand for Java engineers in all development categories is 60%-70% of the total demand, and the number of Java developments recruited by boss directly shows that the number of Java developments is as high as 1,500, while the number of intelligence recruitment is as high as 3,200. A nd Java is widely used in the Internet industry, and familiar websites, games, and APPS are developed by Java. This shows that the current java development talent gap is still very large.

The welfare benefits are good

Let's start with the following table:

 Is there a future in learning Java?1

A collection of data sources

This form is a salary scale for Java engineers, with different job titles corresponding to different salaries. A lthough the amount of wages is different, but it is clear that this wage is ahead of the industry, the average wage of tens of thousands of who can not say a word of envy. Some Internet companies, in addition to high wages, the rest of the treatment is also enviable, if afternoon tea, snacks and other unlimited supply, as well as flexible commute time is undoubtedly hidden benefits.

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