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HTML5 <ul> tag

May 03, 2021 14:00 HTML5

Table of contents

Definitions and usages

The label defines a sequenceless table.

The difference between HTML 4.01 and HTML 5

In HTML 4.01, the "compact" and "type" properties of the ul element are not approved for use. In HTML 5, these two properties are no longer supported.

Tips and comments

Tip: Use CSS to define the type of list.


<ul>   <li>Coffee</li>


The standard property

class, contenteditable, contextmenu, dir, draggable, id, irrelevant, 
lang, ref, registrationmark, tabindex, template, title

For a complete description, visit standard properties in HTML 5.

The event property

onabort, onbeforeunload, onblur, onchange, onclick, oncontextmenu, 
ondblclick, ondrag, ondragend, ondragenter, ondragleave, ondragover, 
ondragstart, ondrop, onerror, onfocus, onkeydown, onkeypress, onkeyup, 
onload, onmessage, onmousedown, onmousemove, onmouseover, onmouseout, 
onmouseup, onmousewheel, onresize, onscroll, onselect, onsubmit, onunload

For a complete description, visit event properties in HTML 5.