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HTML5 <p> tag

May 03, 2021 17:00 HTML5

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HTML5 is used to define a paragraph. Please refer to the following example:

The following code marks a paragraph:

Try it out . . .
(At the bottom of the page, you can find more instances)

Browser support

HTML5 <p> tag HTML5 <p> tag HTML5 <p> tag HTML5 <p> tag HTML5 <p> tag

Most browsers currently support the hashtag.

Label definition and instructions for use

The label defines the paragraph.

The element automatically creates some white space before and after it. The browser automatically adds this space, which you can also specify in the style sheet.

Tip: In this site's HTML5 programming battle, you can practice using the hashtag!

The difference between HTML 4.01 and HTML5

The align property of the label in HTML 4.01 is obsolete and is not supported by HTML5.


Property Value Describe
align left
HTML5 is not supported. H TML 4.01 is obsolete. /b10>Not in favor of use. U se styles instead of styles. Specify the Chinese of the paragraph and the book.

Global properties

The label supports global properties and views the full property sheet HTML global properties.

The event property

The label supports all HTML event properties.

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