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HTML5 <footer> tag

May 03, 2021 15:00 HTML5

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HTML5 and footer tags are used to define the footer portion of the document.

The footer of the document:

  <p>Posted by: Hege Refsnes</p>
  <p><time pubdate datetime="2012-03-01"></time></p>
Try it out . . .

Browser support

HTML5 <footer> tag HTML5 <footer> tag HTML5 <footer> tag HTML5 <footer> tag HTML5 <footer> tag

IE 9, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari support the hashtags.

Note: IE 8 or earlier versions of IE browsers do not support the label.

Label definition and instructions for use

The label defines the footer of the document or part of the document.

The element should contain information about the element it contains.

Typically, this element contains the name of the document creator, copyright information for the document, links to terms of use, contact information, and so on.

In a document, you can define more than one element.

The difference between HTML 4.01 and HTML5

The label is the new label in HTML 5.

Tips and comments

Tip: If you're inserting contact information using the .lt;footer> element, you should use the .lt;address> tag within the element.

Global properties

The label supports the global properties of HTML.

The event property

The tag supports the event properties of HTML.

Instructions for use:

Author information within the element should be included in the element.