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HTML script

JavaScript is programmable code that can be inserted into HTML pages.

JavaScript makes HTML pages more dynamic and interactive.

JavaScript can be executed by all modern browsers when it is inserted into an HTML page.

HTML script

Online instance

Insert a script
How to insert a script into an HTML document.

Use the hashtag
How to deal with browsers that do not support scripts or disable scripts.

HTML and script.html

The tag is used to define client scripts, such as JavaScript.

Elements can contain both script statements and point to external script files through the src property.

JavaScript is most commonly used for picture operations, form validation, and dynamic content updates.

The following script outputs "Hello World!" to the browser.

document.write("Hello World!")

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Note: If the "src" property is used, the element must be empty.

HTML script Tip: Learn more about JavaScript tutorials, check out the JavaScript tutorials !

HTML<noscript> tags

The label provides alternatives when scripts are not available, such as when the browser disables the script, or when the browser does not support the client script.

Elements can contain all the elements that can be found in the body element of a normal HTML page.

The contents of the element are displayed only if the browser does not support the script or disables the script:

document.write("Hello World!")
<noscript>Sorry, your browser does not support JavaScript!</noscript>

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HTML script Tip: The label supports global properties, view the full property sheet HTML global properties!

JavaScript Experience (from this site JavaScript tutorial)

JavaScript instance code:

JavaScript can be output directly in HTML:

document.write("<p>This is a paragraph</p>");

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JavaScript Incident Response:

<button type="button" onclick ="myFunction()">Click Me!</button>

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JavaScript handles HTML styles:

document.getElementById("demo").style.color ="#ff0000";

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How to cope with old-fashioned browsers

If the browser doesn't recognize the label at all, the content contained in the label will appear on the page in text. T o avoid this, you should hide the script in the comment label. T hose older browsers (browsers that don't recognize the label) ignore these comments, so the contents of the label are not displayed on the page. A nd those new browsers will read the scripts and execute them, even if the code is nested within the comment label.



<script type="text/javascript">


document.write("Hello World!")



HTML script tags

标签 描述
<script> 定义了客户端脚本
<noscript> 定义了不支持脚本浏览器输出的文本