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THE beginning of HTML

HTML can split a document into multiple levels.

HTML Preliminary

The beginning <p> label.

< p > 这是一个段落 </ p >

< p > 这是另一个段落 </ p >

Give it a try.

Note: The browser automatically adds empty lines before and after the previous one. ( </p> element

Don't forget to end the label

Even if you forget to use the end tag, most browsers display HTML correctly:

< p > 这是一个段落
< p > 这是另一个段落

Give it a try.

The above examples are no problem in most browsers, but don't rely on this practice. Forgetting to use the end label can produce unexpected results and errors.

Note: In future HTML versions, the end label will be omitted repeatedly.

HTML folds

If you want to line up (a new line) without generating a new starting point, use the <br /> .

In the HTML language, a label is <br /> as a line break, which can be understood as simply entering an empty line, rather than being used to split the content:

This is a demonstration of the effect of a branch.

Give it a try.

The element is an empty HTML element. Because it doesn't make any sense to close the label, it doesn't end the label.

HTML Output - Use reminders

We can't be sure what html will look like. The size of the screen, as well as the adjustment of the window, can lead to different results.

For HTML, you can't change the effect of the output by adding extra space or line-ups to your HTML code.

When the page is displayed, the browser moves the extra space and empty lines in the source code. A ll consecutive spaces or empty lines are counted as a space. It is important to note that all consecutive empty lines (line changes) in the HTML code are also displayed as a space.

Give it a try

(This example illustrates some problems with HTML formatting)

HTML paragraph

An example of this site

HTML preliminary

How HTML is displayed in the browser.

Line change

Use line new lines in HTML documents.

Layout a Tang poem in HTML code

When the browser displays HTML, it omits extra blank characters (spaces, carriage returns, etc.) from the source code.

More instances

More starting points

the behavior that comes with it.

HTML tag reference manual

W3CSchool's label reference manual provides more information about HTML elements and their properties.

标签 描述

<br> 插入单个折行(换行)