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How programmers write perfect resumes

May 29, 2021 Article blog

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Many programmers ask how to write a great resume or optimize it, and today they collect some of the most frequently asked questions on their resumes.

First, the technical details of the work

An incorrect description of your personal achievements and level, job details:

Develop E-mail plug-ins in a small team of three.

Then the person reading your resume will have his own criteria of choice:

  1. How challenging the job is
  2. Whether your job technology is relevant to our company or not, you have to describe the details more clearly

Correctly written:

A total of three people developed this task by implementing the outlook E-mail plug-in for automatic backup, and two others were responsible for writing the backup storage server and packaging and distributing it.

Second, unimportant things do not need to appear on the resume

If you write most of your work into your resume, it will greatly reduce the level of quality of your entire resume. Y ou don't have to write about getting the job done on time to meet your expectations. Readers who don't write in will also default that writing things that aren't achievements weakens your resume.

Description of the error:

TXX Intern Optimizes DDD component code for 20% execution efficiency, and implements front-end programs for DDD components with C? And after checking the code documents, do part of the administrative work.

The last one doesn't appeal like the first two.

Third, the true reflection of work, can not be flamboyant

Readers rely on their own perceptions to judge the nature and value of your work, to write some words, rewards, wage increases, news reports. Don't use their own subjective description, so that not only can raise themselves, will not make people feel arrogant.

Without writing "Develop amazing software quickly yourself," write "Make software 20% more efficient in 2 weeks."

Don't write "Call firefighting when others can't figure out the project" and "Be sent to four projects that are seriously lagging behind schedule to help them solve their problems perfectly"

Can't do in absurd pomposity, error demonstration:

By organizing a birthday Party, the company team can work together.

Fourth, to enhance the image of things

A big man developed a product that made the company millions of dollars and won praise from the industry. But her resume is like this:

TXX's product technology leader, which provides an enterprise-class solution for users to perform their tasks.

This does not reflect your honors and rewards.

Don't lie

This I think we all know, several times in the recruitment review will see a resume written: rewrite XX company e-commerce back-end program, and the review will know members said he worked in the company, this person is not doing this.

With this in mind, the person can be denied directly.

That's all the little compilations have to say about how programmers write perfect resumes.