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How does the python script work? How do I run a py file?

May 29, 2021 Article blog

Recently, a number of small partners have come to ask how the python script is executed. Today, the W3Cschool editor-in-chief came to share with you a few ways to execute the python script.

The first: scripted programming

Copy the following code to the file:

print ("Hello, Python!");

Run the script with the following command:

$ python ./

If you are using Linux or Unix, you can add commands at the beginning of the script to execute the Python script directly like a SHELL script.

#! /usr/bin/env python3

Add execution rights to the script:

$ chmod +x



Get the results of the run:

Hello, Python!

The second: use IDLE

python has a built-in IDE called IDLE, which runs. C lick on the file → start using it in a new window. Y ou can write the python program directly in IDLE, and save it according to F5, such as "". Once saved, the console window automatically outputs all running results.

Third: Use python .exe to execute

Enter the CMD directly in win-R, and enter python to run the python-related code directly.

Python how to run the py file for you to introduce here, I hope to help students.