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How do novices learn javascript?

May 28, 2021 Article blog

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If you want to learn or are learning front-end development, you'll need to learn JavaScript. S o how do novices learn JavaScript? This article tells you.

Learn HTML and CSS

You must master HTML and CSS before you can learn JavaScript. HTML and CSS are the foundation of JavaScript, and as front-end "three swordsmen", the first two are prerequisites for learning JavaScript.

The system learns JavaScript

Once you've learned HTML and CSS, you're ready to learn JavaScript. At this point you need to learn the basics of JavaScript, such as variables, operators,

Process statements, functions, etc.

 How do novices learn javascript?1

JavaScript functional programming

Learn about DOM

At this point you need to learn about DOM. Knowledge such as DOM objects, basic DOM operations, etc.

 How do novices learn javascript?2

JavaScript is object-oriented programming

Practice the code

The most indispensable step in learning a programming language is to repeat the code. Y ou can practice by referring to examples on the web, or you can write a project yourself. Writing the project

Process, you can make a summary of their own problems, this experience is very valuable.

Here's how novices learn all about JavaScript. For more JavaScript learning, follow