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Eclipse integrates Ant

May 25, 2021 Apache Ant

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Eclipse integrates Ant

If you've downloaded and installed Eclipse, you just need to do a little more to get started. Eclipse comes with a pre-bound Ant plug-in that you can use at any time.

Follow these simple steps to integrate Ant into Eclipse.

  • Make sure that .xml file is part of your Java project and that it is located within the project.
  • By following these steps, enable Ant View, Window and Show View, and Other, Ant, and Ant.
  • Open Project Explorer and drag the build .xml to the Ant view.

Your Ant view is similar to:

Eclipse integrates Ant

Clicking on the target, build/clean/usage will run Ant as well as the target.

Clicking "fax" will execute the default target-usage.

Ant's Eclipse plug-in also comes with a good editor that you can use to edit build .xml files. The editor recognizes the build .xml patterns and can assist you with your code.

To use the Ant editor, right-click your build .xml (from Engineering Explorer), and then choose to open it with the Ant editor. The Ant editor should look similar to the following image:

Eclipse integrates Ant