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Cloud Development About Site Hosting

May 27, 2021 Web Cloud Development and Web Hosting Learning Guide

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Cloud Development About Site Hosting

With the increasing number of cloud development users, developers for cloud development more and more deep use, many developers have raised questions, cloud development in addition to supporting small programs, can support other platforms?

The answer is yes!

Cloud Development has just officially released a web hosting capability to help developers solve problems encountered by Web site hosting.

Why use site hosting?

Cloud development site hosting capabilities provide developers with convenient, stable, highly expanded site hosting capabilities, helping businesses and individuals to deploy website applications with one click, easily adding stability, high standards, fast access to their business and other Buffs.

Cloud Development About Site Hosting

Compared with traditional web hosting services, cloud development web hosting services do not require developers to build their own servers, do not need to complete the operation and maintenance of servers, just one click, you can publish the site to the network node, enjoy high-performance access services from cloud computing.

What are the capabilities of website hosting?

Compared to self-built website hosting, cloud development site hosting can achieve one-click upload, making website hosting easier, and also provides automated SSL certificate access, so that developers can avoid manual applications for SSL certificates, a few simple steps, to ensure business security, not only that, cloud development site hosting also provides a network-wide CDN acceleration service, so that developers' websites can be accessed at any time, fast access.

Cloud Development About Site Hosting

Not only that, developers can integrate cloud-developed tools into the automated release process for developers' products, automating product build and auto-publishing with tools such as Github Actions, Jenkins CI, Gitlab CI, and more.

Cloud Development About Site Hosting

Developers can also complete the developer's business closure in cloud development based on cloud development site hosting capabilities, in conjunction with the Web SDK provided by cloud development to implement full stack site hosting.

Is it expensive to host a website?

Cloud development site hosting using a pay-per-view model, developers how much to pay, no need to pay for unspent time, more developer-friendly, per GB of managed capacity of 0.0043 yuan / day;

Cloud Development About Site Hosting

Take Tencent's cloud official website home page as an example, developers guess how much Tencent cloud official website home page will have to pay every day if 10 million people visit Tencent's cloud website home page every day, assuming that Tencent Cloud Home is hosted on the cloud development website. It's only $103.

Tencent's cloud official website home page size is only 51.8K, assuming the use of cloud development site hosting capacity, 10 million visits per day, the cost is 0.0043 yuan (GB/day) . : 1 (days) , 0.21 (yuan/GB) , 10000000 , 0.00004940032959 (GB) , 103.7406923514 yuan.

How should cloud development site hosting be used?

Cloud Development About Site Hosting

At present, the cloud development website hosting has been online to Tencent's official website, developers can directly view the official website documents to learn how to use.

CloudBase is a cloud-based, all-in-one product solution that uses serverless architecture, environment-free construction, and other operations, supporting a cloud-wide approach to quickly build small programs, web applications, and mobile applications.

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