Bootstrap4's first Beta release: 7 months since the last release!

May 04, 2021 10:00 Bootstrap

On August 12, 2017, the first beta version of Bootstrap 4 was released. This beta release is seven months away from the last alpha release of 4.0.

This release removes the Normalize .css as a dependency, but as part of fork and mixes with Bootstrap's own Reboot for a more stable, standardized approach. Navigation, grid improvements, and some compatibility treatments for Flexbox have also been made.

In addition, this release moves jQuery and Popper to peerDependencies because they are not required by every part of Bootstrap. Read more updates below.

Noteworthy updates:

  • Dropped Normalize.css as a dependency, forking some of it and remixing it with our own Reboot for a more stable normalization approach.
  • Update navbar responsive behaviors to be mobile first, use a new class name .navbar-expandinstead of .navbar-toggleable, remove toggler position modifiers (relies on flex utils now), and fix a handful of bugs.
  • Stabilize some grid behaviors and update the docs.
  • Updated the grid to drop push, pull, and offset in favor of new .order- modifiers and margin utilities.
  • Renamed tons of variables (see #22414 and #22092 ) for a more consistent naming scheme.
  • Removed remaining cursor: pointers to restore browser defaults and better indicate actions vs hyperlinks.
  • Renamed flexbox order utilities to better match utility naming scheme of .property-value.
  • Restored Alpha 5's placement of _custom.scss in our import order.
  • Rewrote display and responsive utilities to de-dupe a bunch of functionality.
  • Removed Gruntfile and docs from package manager builds.
  • Overhauled our color system with new Sass maps, variables, classes, and component variants.
  • Updated browser support to bring ranges up to more recent versions.
  • Added a bash script for linting unused variables.
  • Moved jQuery and Popper to peerDependencies as they're not requirements for every part of Bootstrap.

See the full update description here.

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