Bootstrap Transition Effect plug-in

Bootstrap's Transition plug-in enables transitions, smoother transition animations, easier and more flexible to use, and consume less resources.

The Transition effects plug-in provides a simple transition effect.

Bootstrap Transition plug-in If you want to reference the functionality of the plug-in separately, you'll need to refer to the transition file in addition .js. Or, as mentioned in the Bootstrap plug-in overview chapter, you can refer to bootstrap.js or the compressed version of Bootstrap.min .js.

Transition .js is the basic helper class for transitionEnd events and CSS transition effect simulators. It is used by other plug-ins to check CSS transition effect support and to get transition effects.

Tip: The transitionEnd event is an event that is automatically triggered after the CSS transition animation ends, and the callback function of the event does the cleanup of the DOM elements that occur with the animation.

Use case

Use cases for Transition plug-ins: