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Bootstrap and vue which is good?

May 29, 2021 Article blog

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Vue believes most people understand that bootstrap is a front-end framework like Vue, but they have their own merits.


Bootstrap is a front-end page framework that is designed to quickly develop responsive pages

It is characterized by a grid format system, easy to use, easy to get started, dedicated to responsive pages, its code can be adaptive in tablets and PCs, greatly reducing the long and complex shortcomings of the code, so that programmers efficient programming to improve user experience.

The disadvantage is the lack of system-related components, scope conflicts can occur when used, and it can be cumbersome if you don't organize a whole set of components.


Vue is a front-end JS library that componentizes front-end development, which is even better when optimized on a React basis.

1, easy to learn

Vue belongs to the national development, has our own Chinese documentation, there is no language, more convenient for our understanding and learning

2, lightweight frame

Focusing on its view layer is a collection view of the built data, which is tens of KB in size. Vue uses a clean API to provide efficient data binding and flexible component systems.

3, two-way data binding

Vue retains some of the features of angular, making it easier for us to manipulate data.

4, componentization

Vue also retains the benefits of React, and with the encapsulation and reuse of HTMl, building single-page apps is a unique advantage

5, run faster

Vue also has this advantage in terms of performance, as compared to React, which is also an operational virtual DOM

6, view, data, structure separation

Vue makes it easier to change data, eliminates the need for logical code modifications, and we can do so as long as we manipulate the data.

These are the whole things you've compiled about bootstrap and vue, and for more clicks: Vue 1.0 tutorial, Bootstrap tutorial