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Angular 2 Overview

May 08, 2021 Angular2

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What is Angel 2?

Angular 2 is an open source JavaScript framework for building Web applications in HTML and JavaScript and is considered the first way to move.


The beta version of Angular 2 was released in March 2014.

Why use Angel 2?

  • Angular 2 is simpler than Angel 1, and its fewer concepts make it easier to understand.

  • You can update large datasets with minimal memory overhead.

  • It accelerates the initial load through server-side rendering.


  • Angular 2 is faster and easier than Angel 1.

  • It supports the latest version of the browser, as well as older browsers, including IE9 plus and Android 4.1 plus.

  • It is a cross-platform framework.

  • Angular 2 focuses on mobile applications.

  • The code structure is simpler than the previous version of Angle.


  • If the application is a heavy load, Angular 2 keeps it fully UI-responsive.

  • It uses server-side rendering to get a quick view on mobile devices.

  • It is suitable for ECMAScript and other languages compiled as JavaScript.

  • It uses dependency injection to maintain the application without writing too long code.

  • Everything will be component-based.


  • Because Angle 2 is a newly introduced framework, there is less support for the online community.

  • Learn if you are new to Angel 2 takes time.