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An introduction to the shell

May 23, 2021 Shell - An example of programming

Table of contents

An introduction to the shell


Back in November 2007, in order to systematically learn and summarize Shell programming, the author developed a summary plan for the Shell programming paradigm, which was:

This series will be expanded to target "objects" (i.e., objects we operate on) and introduce a large number of instances that will help us really learn to use them and increase our interest in their use. So this series won't focus on shell syntax, but assumes that the reader has some foundation for shell programming.

In addition, the series may end up covering: numeric values, logical values, strings, files, processes, file systems, and all the other "objects" that we can operate on, from low to advanced, and then up to the network level, the entire collection of computers connected in various ways. In fact, it's not as if you're groping UNIX's philosophy, the great energy that "Keep It Simple, Stupid" holds.

- Excerpted from the "Landa Open Source Community and Script Programming and Shell Programming Paradigm"

At the end of April 2008, most of the content and framework of the entire series was largely completed and has not been continuously refined for internships and work reasons. H owever, the relevant chapters have received a better response, many enthusiastic netizens have a lot of comments and reprints, for example, in Baidu library reprinted a "Shell programming paradigm string operation" access has been close to 3000. Explain that the entire series still has a relatively large reading population.

Present situation

Given the booming Linux world as a whole, shell usage is increasing, and the number of associated users is increasing, the series has recently been reoriented and published as a free book to reach a longer audience.

The entire series has been reororited with Markdown and released to the Tai xiao |, pdf versions chapters can be downloaded directly through the Print/PDF plug-in in the upper right corner of each article.

The index the shell is: The Index of the Shell Programming Paradigm, which is structured as follows:

Recently, an open source book template based on Markdown has been organized into free books and maintained in TinyLab's project repository. Information about the project is as follows:


Follow-up in addition to continuing in Taixiao | In addition to continuing to update as a blog, we intend to re-plan, update, and maintain the entire series as a free book, and receive feedback from readers through the platform until it is officially released.

Welcome to point out the shortcomings in the first draft of this book, and even participate in the relevant chapters of the writing, revision and improvement.

If you have time and interest, you are welcome to participate. You can contact us through TaiXiao Technology, or follow us directly on Twitter at