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Advise those who want to learn programming

Jun 01, 2021 Article blog

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As an online programming learning platform, W3Cschool has a history of 10 years, during which we have witnessed countless programming enthusiasts learning experience, there are successful transitions, but also to realize their programming dreams, but more people, either choose to give up, or are on the way to give up.

Cruel truth

In our today's headline column, a total of 193 people bought Python's Zero Basic Entry to Reptile Battle, while a single section had a minimum of 78 playbacks, excluding the algorithmic recommendations of the headlines, and there were far too few people who actually completed the course.

Is the quality of our tutorials too poor? N o. If you look up data from other platforms, you'll only find that it's the same.

So online, how about offline?

A student who participated in offline training once confessed:

Our class of more than 60 people, after learning more than 20 people, after learning to find a job immediately there are 12 people, a year later in the IT industry only 7 people.

What is the proportion of computer engineers working in the same job?

"Unfortunately, it wasn't as high as I thought it would be, " recalls one programmer who graduated from Cobain.

I remember that year the class is about half of the software software bar, other or examination, another examination and research, and some to do sales. Of course, the employment rate was 100 per cent, when seven people signed up for less than three parties, and then counsellors signed them all up for a friend's roller-skating club.

Choice is more important than effort?

"In the Internet age, choice is more important than effort, " Mr Ma once said.

Yes, they're constantly working on how to make the right choice. Unfortunately, the end result is:

Choice is more important than effort, that's right! H ow to choose? N o! Choose a moment to give up, tears!

All that Jack Ma said had his reasons, and sometimes the famous phrase "I've never touched money, I'm not interested in it." "It's right to stand at a particular angle.

And "choice is more important than effort", wrong? N o, Either. B ut almost everyone ignores the fact that Jack Ma is some kind of person? H e is first of all a very hard-working person, and second is a very good choice. H e has taken his efforts as a natural thing. effort, was filtered by him.

Only efforts, there is the right to choose, after the choice, the same need to work hard.

Many people have heard that the IT industry is very popular, on the stubborn choice of IT, you are right, the Internet is still in a booming period, everywhere is full of opportunities.

However, after choosing to go down the programming path, 80% of people chose to give up.

Programming is hard just an excuse

Recently, reading Carnegie's Book Weaknesses in Human Nature, he pointed out a thought-provoking point: 99% of cases, no matter how serious a mistake is made, someone will give priority to others. Thus, Carnegie gives a few examples:

A notorious murderer who shot and killed a policeman who asked him to show his driver's license claimed to be on his own.

One gang leader once said, "I give the best time of my life to people, and all I get is a name-calling."

Most criminals think they are right, they are looking for all kinds of excuses for their crimes, and that is the weakness of human nature.

Learning programming not long, said programming is too difficult, my talent is not enough, learn to remember and so on, the fact that these reasons are too grand, are just excuses. We never let the initiative to impose a sense of guilt on ourselves, often through a variety of reasons to make their own peace of mind.

Programming is so hard, so I can't learn it.

The hard-working people succeeded

Will the effort be successful?

Most people, we think, will say, "Not necessarily."

A bricklayer wants to be a project manager, and for this purpose, he moves bricks for a few hours a day, and for ten years he was a bricklayer.

A website editor, has been working for 3 years, these 3 years, he worked hard, the boss taught him the task, he is very hard to complete, but until now, he is still an editor.

There are many examples of this, but I wonder if you have found that we are biased against "effort", that is, effort is to do repetitive work.

This is not a real effort, spend enough time, constantly seeking to break through the self, this is the real effort.

The law of 10,000 hours holds that it takes 10,000 hours of effort to become an expert in a field, and in this case, it means 10,000 hours of time, constantly surpassing the self.

But if he is moving bricks at the same time, he is thinking, how can we improve efficiency? So he innovated his way of moving bricks, until he invented the machine, and he became an expert in the field.

Do you still think hard work doesn't necessarily succeed?

Learn programming step by step, accustomed to Ctrl s v, Ctrl s c, the supervisor said how to develop how to develop, never had their own ideas, 9965, in the end or a temporary, you really try?

Really, they're not as miserable and down as you think they are.

Put down your goals

We like that students have their own goals, goals are the motivation to move forward. Y ou can set yourself a goal that means you're a organized person. But we are also easy, too high goals and utilitarian, will fight to destroy your confidence.

After studying modern Chinese history, you may be very interested in the last emperor, want to know his experience, so you began to read "my first half of life", want to read the novel, look at Yi Yi's autobiography.

A month later, the teacher suddenly arranged an assignment, asked students to see "my first half of life", and write a sense of reading. Can you finish the homework?

We thought it shouldn't be hard for you because you've read the whole autobiography as you want.

What would it be like to reverse this order?

The teacher laid out his homework first and asked to read. A t this time you look again, it may be difficult to look down. B ecause all the time you are thinking, how can I write this after-reading feeling? Can't just sit back and take a closer look, just think about how to do the homework better.

Learning programming is the same, when you start to learn programming, thinking about the future to write a similar program, how powerful programmers, your attention will not be in the present, over time, will start to get bored, why I learned so long, or can not become a technical bull?

An educator tells his students how they train their perseverance:

When I was young, when I decided to do something, I always wanted to do my best, but every time I failed to meet expectations, always insisted on giving up for a day or two, guilt made it easier for me to give up. L ater I found that this is very bad, college students have achieved great success, they have their own business, some work in a large enterprise. My self-confidence is no worse than their ability, but perseverance is too poor, do not insist on doing things, so I intend to train their perseverance.

One night, I came up with a way to cut a pile of paper into 365 cards and ask myself to write a random word on a card every day.

During this period, I have tried to give up many times, but look back: just write a word on the card, 30 seconds is enough, so I began to write again, each time to complete the goal, I am more confident, so that a year later, my goal reached, I still maintain this habit, do not write a word every day, it will be itchy hands.

Every day, I learn at least one HTML tag, and as long as that goal is achieved, I succeed. As for the more learned part, it's just that I give myself "add food".

Finally, summarize a few things to note about learning programming mentioned here:

1. Learn programming, "persistence" is very important, adhere to the last person, have succeeded;

2. Don't attribute "learning programming difficult" to poor foundation, but should see your strengths;

3. First of all, to make yourself a hard-working programming person, so that there is a choice;

4. At the beginning of learning programming, the goal should not be too high, to increase the pressure on themselves;

The article thousand words, hope that the students have something to gain.