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A very cow calculation pi c program!

Jun 02, 2021 Article blog

C language is a process-oriented advanced programming language, it is widely used in the world, and very popular. M any large applications are basically written in C language. T he C language is more advantageous than other advanced languages where the operating system and the system use programs and need to operate on the hardware. C language is widely used, there is a netizen to share a very cow calculation pi c program.

 A very cow calculation pi c program!1

At the back of this program, many netizens leave messages:

Netizen one: tried, good strong, but the program can not understand.

Netizen TWO: Sure enough good program, simple and clear. I t's just too concise! I dare say not many people can easily understand.

Netizen three: Good, can you parse it? Why don't you use b when you don't assign it in the first place, so you're not afraid of arrays crossing the line?

Netizen four: tried, no problem, is a little do not understand. Can the landlord post the algorithm of this program!

Netizen five: began to define a few long integer variables, not assigned is not all 0 ah. I also defined a few variables, and then let them output, the result is 0. Like that b, it doesn't look assigned, but the default should be 0.

 A very cow calculation pi c program!2

Netizen 6: Great, but do not understand, it is best to explain.

Netizen seven: Really clever ah! But I don't understand, can the landlord explain?

After reading everyone's comments, it seems that many people think this C program is very, just don't understand. Here are two good examples of C program code.

Procedure 1:

Question: How many different and non-repeating three-digit numbers can be made up of 1, 2, 3, 4 numbers? How much is it?

1. Program analysis: can be filled in the hundred, ten, digits of the number are 1, 2, 3, 4. Make up all the arrangements and then remove the ones that don't meet the criteria.

2. Program source code:

 A very cow calculation pi c program!3

Program 2: Title: Output the pattern of the letter C with the number.

1. Program analysis: You can write the letter C on the paper with the '' sign, and then the branch output.

2. Program source code:

 A very cow calculation pi c program!4

The C-language program shared above looks short and interesting. B ut a lot of people don't understand the c program for calculating pi. Almighty netizens, do you understand, you can leave a message below Oh!

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