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How is http digest authentication different from basic authentication?

Asked by Amara Rivera on Nov 29, 2021 HTTP

Like HTTP basic authentication, HTTP digest authentication authenticates a user based on a user name and a password. However, the authentication is performed by transmitting the password in an encrypted form which is much more secure than the simple base64 encoding used by basic authentication.
Also Know,
Basic authentication is a simple authentication scheme built into the HTTP protocol. The client sends HTTP requests with the Authorization header that contains the word Basic word followed by a space and a base64-encoded string username:password. For example, to authorize as demo / [email protected] the client would send
And, In the context of a HTTP transaction, basic access authentication is a method for an HTTP user agent to provide a user name and password when making a request. HTTP Basic authentication implementation is the simplest technique for enforcing access controls to web resources because it doesn't require cookies, session identifier and login pages.
Authentication, authorization, and encryption are used in every day life. One example in which authorization, authentication, and encryption are all used is booking and taking an airplane flight. Encryption is used when a person buys their ticket online at one of the many sites that advertises cheap ticket.
In Summary, HTTP Digest is inherently vulnerable to at least two attacks, whereas a server using strong encryption for passwords with HTTP Basic over SSL is less likely to share these vulnerabilities.