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How do i create a.htaccess file on

Asked by Aislinn Ryan on Nov 28, 2021 FAQ

Log in to your Control Panel on and open File Manager. Click Create, choose File and then Other. Name the file .htaccess and press Enter on your keyboard. Select the .htaccess file and click Edit. You can now add different lines of code to the file, depending on what functionality you want.
Making a Folder on the Desktop of Your Computer Turn on your computer and navigate to the desktop, otherwise known as the main screen. Right click your mouse or trackpad. Choose "New Folder" or "New" from the list of options, whichever is present. Name your new folder. Move files into your new folder.
Accordingly, To open a folder in a new tab in File Explorer, do the following. Simple press the Ctrl + T keys. Or, right-click on a folder and select Open in a new tab from the context menu. Finally, you can click on the File command in the Ribbon UI, and choose Open new window > Open new tab.
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5/- Navigate to the root folder of the website whose .htaccess file you want to edit. 6/- Select the . htaccess file, right-click and choose Code Edit. You can select a Download option to make a backup file on your desktop. Any single mistake in .htaccess file results in the webserver returns a blank page or error 500.
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Generate the .htaccess file for your Angular web-application and place it next to your app's index.html. Rename the file from "htaccess.txt" to ".htaccess" after the download finished. In order to make the generated .htaccess file work your web-server must support .htaccess files.