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Chapter 0 Let's start with learning methods and the Red Hat system.

May 23, 2021 16:00 That's what Linux should learn

Hello World! A t the opening of the book, Mr. Liu Wei tells the students about Linux system learning experience and teaching experience in the past ten years, and introduces the main advantages and characteristics of the book "Linux should learn this way". The growth of open source projects benefits from the strong foundations of the open source community, and students learn about common open source license rules such as GPL BSD Apache MPL MIT and more.

Open source products not only have the four advantages of low risk, good quality, low cost and more transparency, but also the spirit of open source is the pride of every Linux technology person from the bone, Mr. Liu will be easy to understand Linux system 1991 2016 years of development, to learn more about the development trend of the entire open source industry. Learn about Linux systems, learn about the Red Hat Ladder Certification System, and the strategic positioning of Red RHEL7 system to help each student better determine the direction of future learning.