May 13, 2021 23:00 Scala

Table of contents

Scala tutorial

Scala is a multi-paradigm programming language, a Java-like programming language designed to integrate the various features of object-oriented programming and functional programming.

We think the most meaningful way to learn is not to think of Scala as an improved Java, but as a new language. S o doesn't cover Java experience here, but focuses on interpreter and "object-functional" styles, as well as Scala programming styles. Particular emphasis was placed on maintainability, co-operation, common tools and the advantages of utilizing type systems.

Suitable for people

This tutorial is intended for experienced engineers, so it is recommended that readers learn the basics of the Java language or the Scala Getting Started tutorial before learning.

Learning prerequisites

Scala is a relatively new language, but draws on many familiar concepts, so before we learn, let's say you already have some understanding of basic programming ideas such as object-oriented programming, co-production, and maintainability.

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Version information

The demo code in the book is based on the following versions:

Language Version information
Scala 2.8.0