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PhP is what it is

May 10, 2021 22:00 PHP

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PHP is a powerful server-side scripting language for creating dynamic interactive sites.

PHP (foreign name: PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, Chinese: "Hypertext Preprocessor") is a common open source scripting language. Grammar absorbs the characteristics of C language, Java and Perl, is easy to learn, widely used, mainly applicable to the field of Web development.

PHP is free and widely used. At the same time, PHP is another high-efficiency option for competitors like Microsoft ASPs.

Learning routes and recommendations for PHP beginners

PHP development tools are recommended

PHP online tool

Learn PHP by example

Our PHP online instances make it easier to learn PHP, which contains the source code and operational results of PHP.

<! DOCTYPE html>

echo "My first PHP script!";


Run an instance . . .

Click the Run Instance button to see the results of the online instance run.

PHP reference manual

In the W3Cschool tutorial, you'll find a complete reference manual for all PHP functions: