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May 23, 2021 05:00 Nginx Getting started

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Nginx Getting Started

Nginx is a lightweight Web server/reverse proxy server and e-mail (IMAP/POP3) proxy server characterized by low memory possession and high converse capability.

Based on the daily work of members of Taobao's core system server platform group, this tutorial introduces the characteristics of the Nginx platform and module development to help readers better build and maintain Nginx servers.

Suitable for people

High-performance web server maintainer, developer interested in Internet servers.

Learning prerequisites

Before we take this tutorial, let's assume that you've been able to hook up to the Nginx server and do simple, general things.

Thank you: Taobao core system server platform group members

Version information

The demo code in the book is based on the following versions:

Framework Version information
Nginx 1.3.13 Development version