Cloud Development Bootcamp Description

May 22, 2021 02:00 Mini Program Cloud Development Study Guide

Programming is a very simple, fun, and easy-to-achieve thing, and the Cloud Development Bootcamp is dedicated to allowing more people to quickly learn about small programs of cloud development and make real-world work that enjoys the charm of technology creation. T o learn this manual, you don't need any pre-programming knowledge, you can say that zero foundation can also learn. This tutorial is also suitable for cloud development with some basic programmers to learn about small programs.

Zero foundation can also be learned

There may be many students in college contact with C, Java and other programming languages, learned for a long time did not make things, or they have tried self-study programming, but also did not feel able to adhere to, after a period of time to learn also quickly forget, mistakenly think programming is too difficult or need to learn for a long time, in fact, you learn methods and directions of the problem. Small program cloud development is one of the most worthy of no-go, technology enthusiasts to get started with programming direction.

I've never been exposed to programming before.

Yes, as long as you will be the most basic computer operations (such as how to download and install the software, will basic typing, will surf the Internet, understand the basic Office office software, etc.), you can learn.

Learning programming is not required for English, mathematics, I am not good foundation can learn?

Programming has many directions, some do have high requirements for mathematics, English, but the cloud development of small programs on mathematics basically no requirements, English only need to see the words do not headache, it is best to have junior high school English level can be.

Is programming difficult to learn, I am not strong in logic, can you really learn?

As far as logic is concerned, the difficulty of small program cloud development is much lower than that of high school mathematics, you can learn math in high school, it is impossible to learn not.

Is programming going to take a long time to learn, how long can I learn to do something?

Two days of spare time (about 5 to 6 hours) can make a display of things (demo) out, ten days of spare time can be roughly introduced, a month can independently develop a complete project.

Do you have to use a computer to learn programming?

Yes, if you don't have a computer, don't do it yourself, just read a book, don't learn.

Why not video? Do I want to follow the documentation from The Study?

Yes, because the content of the video is written into a detailed text description and procedures, you can learn according to their own learning progress and rhythm, and more importantly, to cultivate the habit of actual combat.

I know about small programs, but what is cloud development? W hat is the relationship between small programs and cloud development? W hat's the front end? H ow does the front end and back end get in touch? W hat techniques do you need to learn to develop a small program? . .. tle. Stop asking questions and start fighting immediately, and all questions will only be understood after exploration.

A sense of accomplishment and creativity

Using cloud development to develop small programs allows you to develop a complete (across the front-end back end) and a practical small program project independently (one person can), which is the product power of small program cloud development. Cloud development can significantly reduce the learning and development costs of technology, but that doesn't mean it can only develop small and medium-sized projects, even small programs with hundreds of millions of traffic recommend cloud development.

Maybe you're a arts student who's been exposed to programming before, but wants to realize your ideas through technology;

Also need you to do products, markets, operations and other related work, want to learn a work, life has a certain help technology;

Maybe you're an entrepreneur who wants to quickly practice your ideas and use small programs to verify Idea's viability;

Maybe you're a technology enthusiast who wants to understand the trends in serverless new technology, or develop small programs to earn some advertising dollars or as a sideline;

Cloud development, as a serverless-based, cloud-based, all-in-one product solution, is an all-in-one technology dedicated to lowering the barriers to technology practice and making creativity easier to implement. To this end, Cloud Development has launched a zero-base boot camp to help more people realize their technology dreams.

Communication and interaction

Training camp, based on WeChat group, advocating the "flip classroom" teaching concept, emphasizing personal driving force and peer mutual assistance, a monthly issue, on-the-go, there are questions to answer.

At present, the training camp has been held more than 6 times, a total of 2000 programming enthusiasts to achieve from 0 to 1 start programming development, and through cloud development to achieve their own technical dreams.

Getting started with technology, it's hard to be psychologically afraid. Cloud development training camp, zero foundation can be learned, no technical foundation.

What are you waiting for? Sweep the code to pay attention to the cloud development public number, reply to the training camp, hurry to join the cloud development training camp!