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May 21, 2021 18:00 CrossApp

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What is CrossApp?

CrossApp is a fully open source, free, cross-platform mobile app development engine that allows developers to use CrossApp to develop any commercial project based on the most relaxed MIT open source protocols. C rossApp uses C+ as the development language, and graphics rendering is based on OpenGL ES 2.0 and uses MVC frame mode. Applications developed using CrossApp support export to major mainstream mobile platforms, truly implementing "one-time coding, multiple-run" cross-platform development technologies.

CrossApp is largely self-developed by the 9-second community, and the official development of CrossApp's basic architecture establishes the basic prototype of CrossApp, while subsequent versions will be updated and maintained by the 9-second Community Standing Contribution Committee, which is a voluntary group of development elites from all parties.

Why CrossApp?

  1. Cross-platform: CrossApp temporarily mainly supports the most mainstream mobile platforms IOS and Android, CrossApp platform independent, so that relative to the traditional iOS and Android native application development, CrossApp can save the development cycle and cost, the app after development only needs a simpler migration work, can easily be implemented on different platforms.
  2. Rich UI controls: CrossApp is designed to provide mobile app developers with fast and efficient development solutions. O n this basis, CrossApp encapsulates a large number of UI controls, the functions of various types of controls are very rich, developers can directly use these controls for application development. T hese controls basically meet most of the functionality of the application development needs, but also eliminate the time spent encapsulating the UI controls themselves, further improving the efficiency of development and saving the cost of development. CrossApp will also integrate some of the excellent control resources provided by third-party developers, and enrich CrossApp's UI controls.
  3. Technical support: The official will provide 8 hours a day online page question-and-answer service, each question feedback speed of about 30 minutes, the response rate of 90%.

CrossApp power consumption optimization

Since CrossApp previously extracted the render drive mode of cocos2d-x, the disadvantage of the render drive mode during the program life cycle is that the CPU is high and therefore consumes power. O bviously, this constant redrawing may have little impact on the game, but it's too wasteful for app. T herefore, we changed the rendering mechanism to event-driven mode for the characteristics of the application. T his mode of rendering to have an external trigger to redraw, in the absence of external trigger when the screen is still, rendering stopped, in order to achieve energy-saving effect.

How do I learn CrossApp?

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