What is Vue .js?

May 29, 2021 Article blog

If you're a white man who wants to learn the front end, maybe you don't know what Vue .js is, but you've heard Vue .js big name! So this article w3cschool is a compilation to introduce you to what Vue .js is.

What is Vue .js?

Vue .js is a responsive JavaScript development library that, like other front-end development libraries such as jquery and angular, is one of the commonly used front-end JavaScript technology development frameworks.

Unlike other frameworks, Vue .js a bottom-up incremental design whose core library focuses only on layers and is easy to integrate with other libraries and projects. A nd Vue .js is fully capable of driving complex single-page applications developed with libraries supported by single-file components and Vue .js ecosystem. A ll in all, Vue .js is a data binding and combined view component that responds through the simplest possible API. That is, a responsive data binding system.

 What is Vue .js?1

Vue .js three days of hands-on tutorials

Vue .js features

  • Lightweight frame
  • Two-way data binding
  • directives
  • Componentization
  • Client routing
  • State management

That's all vue .js is all about. For more vue .js learn, follow w3cschool.com.

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