What level of code is this code for a quick taxi?

Jun 02, 2021 17:00 Article blog

For programmers who tap code every day, code is like a lover. I f you see a very interesting piece of code, you're just overjoyed. Some netizens shared a piece of code they wrote and thought it was interesting.

 What level of code is this code for a quick taxi?1

Beneath this code, another netizen posted a piece of code. It is said that this is a fast taxi code, it seems that it is really and windy, the netizens above also admitted defeat.

 What level of code is this code for a quick taxi?2

After watching the fast taxi code, the netizen's reply is also very interesting. S ome people think that fast taxi this flowing js is really written, and some people say how to steal confidential documents. More netizens think they can actually write a recursive one.

 What level of code is this code for a quick taxi?3

Seeing interesting code, I'm sure many programmers will take a look. I n fact, reading good code can really improve the developer's repair, you will also benefit from it. T he process of reading code may be annoying and annoying, but after reading it, you'll learn a lot. L ike many great writers, they are also readers, often reading the works of other writers, and then absorb the essence. As with codebox writing, if you don't often look at other people's code, you can absorb different styles and apply them to your own code.

So how do you read code written by someone else? S ome programmers always scroll up and down with their mouse when they look at unfamiliar code. W ithin minutes, I was impatient to say that the code was not worth reading and did not want to waste time. I n fact, reading other people's code, the most important thing is to learn to understand them, and into their own use. All you need to do is try to build and run this code, not just focus on detail, make sure you understand all the structures, extract some strange code, and make it a separate program.

Writing new code can solve problems correctly, and reading and playing with code written by others has the same value, so as a programmer, you should often look at other people's code. Y ou encounter the code there is no more, more strange, more interesting, you can leave a message below Oh! I f you like our article, you can click on the upper right corner to follow us; If you want to see more information about the IT world, you can add our public number.

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