What kind of person is Li Tsung-na, a beautiful programmer who has written more than 400,000 lines of code in more than 90 days?

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I believe we all know that experts in the field of computer science are basically boys. A nd in many Internet companies, programmers are basically men and few girls. B ut that doesn't mean that girls aren't good at computers. L anzhou Military District has a beautiful network of sharp soldiers, 90 days to write 400,000 lines of code. D o you think it's? W hat kind of person is Li Tsung-na? Let's take a look at Li Tsung-na's profile first.

 What kind of person is Li Tsung-na, a beautiful programmer who has written more than 400,000 lines of code in more than 90 days?1

Li Tsung-na profile

Li Tsung-na, female, joined the army in September 2000, joined the Party in June 2004, university culture, and is currently the director and assistant engineer of the 68058 Force Section. Won the second and third prizes of the military scientific and technological progress.

Has been recognized by the military region as "learning to become a standard soldier", "practicing the core values of contemporary revolutionary soldiers 100 advanced typical", excellent "four sessions" coaches, by the Military Region Command directly under the Party Committee recognized as "excellent Communist Party members", honor second-class work, third-class work each 1 time.

Basic information

Chinese name: Li Tsung-na

Birthplace: Wenden, Shandong Province

Graduated from: National Defense University of Science and Technology computer major

Sex: Female

People: Han

Nationality: China

Career: Military

Date of birth: May 1982


In 2000, Li Congna was admitted to the National Defense University of Science and Technology computer major, to realize the dream of military service. When she graduated, she gave up her qualification to study and the opportunity to work in coastal scientific research units, and applied to the northwest military camp, where information-based talents were scarce, to engage in cyber security work.

In early 2008, headquarters gave Li's troops the task of urgently developing a network terminal service system, and the army chief, Wang Yu, arranged for her to write a set of underlying drivers. In a month, 300,000 lines of code, more than 100 kinds of functions, more than 60 protocol mechanisms, more than 20 design algorithms, a piece of hard bone by her "bite" down.

At the end of 2008, Li Tsung-na represented Lanzhou Military Region in the army's cyber security competition. In the final, as the only woman among the 64 contestants, Li Congna finally won the crown with one gold and one bronze.

In early 2009, a strategy study plunged the research team into a siege. A t that time, domestic research in this field was limited to the theoretical level, foreign mature products completely closed source code, the only reference is a theoretical textbook. F or half a month, she led the team to re-set the simulation environment and obtain more than 200,000 sets of test data, confirming the feasibility and scientific nature of the self-created algorithm. In the end, this innovation, which overcomes more than 10 technical difficulties, won the second prize for scientific and technological progress in the army.

In May 2010, Li Was appointed Director Of The Department. U nder Li Tsung-na's struggle, a group of newly graduated computer majors were enriched to the bottom. Li Tsung-na's careful help belt, soon let this group of network recruits into a "top one" business elite.

 What kind of person is Li Tsung-na, a beautiful programmer who has written more than 400,000 lines of code in more than 90 days?2

Li Tsung-na also divided the business category of the department into four groups, let go of a group of young people who dare to dare to do as the subject leader, the scientific research strength of the department began to accelerate growth - in 2011 alone to complete five large-scale scientific research projects, innovation core algorithms more than 20 kinds, published more than 10 scientific research papers.

Also in 2011, as "Mr. Key", Li Tsung-na, chest wearing a golden second-class medal.

In March 2012, Li Was Recognized As The National "38" Red Flag Bearer. At a ceremony held by Lanzhou Military District Command, she said: "Climbing a new peak, we will have less blank space, the future battlefield will be a little more likely to win."

Additional introduction

Li Tsung-na, director of a department of Lanzhou Military Region, delved into the cutting-edge field of the information network, bravely climbed the peak of independent innovation, and achieved excellent results: 12 leaders of major scientific research projects of the whole army, won gold and silver in the army's military competition, and won the Army Science and Technology Progress Award many times. " Yesterday's technology, can't win tomorrow's war." In Li's office, the inscription reads such an eye-catching slogan.

In 2006, he was in a coma for three days after successfully dreaming of programming inspiration after struggling to write the program's entry point.

By the time Li woke up from the hospital, everyone had been working three days and nights in a row according to the outline she had written, and the procedure had been written almost. M s. Li spent three days in a coma in the hospital, where doctors said she needed recuperation, a high degree of nervousness and a number of breakdowns in her cerebrovascular vessels. After Li Tsung-na was discharged from the hospital, her beautiful big eyes also fell from the bottom of the eye bleeding disease.

Li Tsung-na, a female expert at the People's Liberation Army, was in a coma for three days after receiving programming inspiration

Since the 1991 Gulf War triggered the topic of "global information warfare", strategists around the world have locked in the "e-space", an invisible and untouchable information network. I n 2010, when a pair of stealth giants called "seismic nets" destroyed Iran's nuclear information system, information security rekindled the world's thinking. S oldiers will block, armor for "e space"! This seemingly relaxed but magnificent words, in a future information war to create a feat of iron armor god shield, by a Lanzhou Military District, a department in their 20s, named Li Tsunna female major called ... ...

Network world, diligence is a steel knife, loyalty as a blade

Li Tsung-na, July 2004, Plat National Defense University of Science and Technology

In June 2004, a cadet brigade hall of the National Defense University of Science and Technology, together with Li Tsung-na, stood in front of the bright red party flag to take the oath of the 21 military academy graduates, one by one soaked with sweat clothes. L i Tsung-na's eyes were also salty sweat soaked in pain, bright red party flag slowly become blurred, straight into the party oath, she put down her right hand, wiped the corner of the eye discomfort. " Students, can join the Party on graduation, you are the best students in the same period. F rom here, you are the sharp soldiers of the future information war, I would like to ask you a question, in the future information war, how do you intend to work to fulfill the mission of an information sharp soldier?" The political committee that organized the swearing-in ceremony looked at everyone and asked with a smile.

The students, who had just taken the oath, were asked a sudden question by the political committee. Less than an instant, everyone you say a word I open:

"Hard work!"

"Try to use what you have learned in the construction of the army information!"

"The best combination of people and equipment!"


"I feel that as long as you are loyal to your career, you can generate and release tremendous energy!" F emale student Li Tsung-na looked at the brigade political committee and answered in response. A lthough Li Tsung-na's voice is not big, but the cppcc still heard what she said, he looked at Li Tsung-na, then loudly said: "Yes, Li Tsung-na students are right, no kind of strength is more powerful than loyalty, the future information war sharp soldiers, diligence is indispensable, but more need loyalty to the cause of the Party." A s Li Tsung-na said, loyalty can promote people to produce great energy, if the future information war, diligence is a steel knife, then loyalty to the Party and the army, is a hard and sharp blade!" After listening to the affirmation of the Travel and Political Committee, Li Tsung-na's face was red, the voice of the political committee speech could not be heard, and every year Chinese New Year's Eve father lit a full 47 cigarettes on the living room table, and then spilled some wine scene.

"In order to open the Kwesinda Hansan Tunnel, our regiment sacrificed 47 comrades, and when the troops completed their mission and withdrew, the head of the regiment took me to sweep their graves, and without incense candles, they were given a cigarette." Every time his father used a cigarette to pay tribute to his fallen comrades, his mother, who was not used to smoking, hugged her young Li Tsung-na and accompanied him, listening to him tell the story of his time in the army until the cigarettes were burned.

After the swearing-in ceremony, the excited Li Tsung-na immediately called his father, and then pounced on the computer to prepare for the graduation exam.

In July, Li Tsung-na, who excelled in her homework, was rated as an outstanding student by the college, and after receiving the award, she submitted an application to the college to work in the western war zone. T he application is very strange, not too much rhetoric, but spent a lot of space to write the father's annual sacrifice of comrades-in-arms story. A fter seeing her application, the university leader agreed to her request. On the day of leaving the team, the students all signed the graduation book to remember, Li Tsung-na sent to the students without exception:

Network world, diligence is a steel knife, loyalty as a blade

Nana worked with her comrades.

 What kind of person is Li Tsung-na, a beautiful programmer who has written more than 400,000 lines of code in more than 90 days?3


When the whistling train drills through the reckless Daqin Ridge, this is the great northwest! I n terms of administrative divisions, she now drives on the land where her father fought. T he dawn in the northwest seemed more textured than the sky in the south, and the excited Li Tsung-na looked at the blood-red sunrise and the tunnel of the Western Railway, and her heart suddenly got wet and came home! Li Congna gently stood up, quietly evaded the passenger's eyes, raised her hand to walk a military ceremony in her view incomparable solemn.

Chu's September flowers willow green, Jincheng Lanzhou's red willow has burned the early autumn old red. L i Tsung-na was assigned to a department of Lanzhou Military Region with her professional counterparts, and as the first undergraduate student assigned to the Ministry in recent years, Li Tsung-na's arrival was warmly welcomed by the officers and soldiers. When the army chief, Wang Yu, delivered a welcome speech to her at the cadres' conference, the sensitive Li Tsung-na instantly felt an unprecedented pressure.

Comrade Li Tsung-na did very well in school and joined the Party when he graduated. W e believe that the arrival of Li Tsung-na, will make our business construction revitalised..." In the warm applause, Li Tsung-na's forehead oozed thick sweat beads. S he wanted to bow her head, but involuntarily raised, the army chief Wang Yu and many old comrades looked at her with a smile. The 22-year-old suddenly felt that in this small army, she was carrying not only the expectations of her father and the cadet brigade leader.


At the beginning of 2006, when the snow in Jincheng was still not melting at the top of Yulan Mountain, Li Tsung-na, who was already an assistant engineer, returned from a certain place to take part in a war zone exercise. Li Tsung-na had just stepped into the army compound, and the army chief, Wang Yu, and several high-tech workers were waiting for her in the conference room.

Xiao Li, you've worked hard. Drink your mouth first. The head of the army looked a little serious, and Li Tsung-na foresaw that there must be another big task waiting for her.

"Headquarters named my department to complete a computer protection programming, the station organization personnel engaged in several times, are not good, and then we decided that you take the lead to complete the work." The captain of the king's army looked at her with a firm tone that made him look like a soldier on the battlefield.

"Then I'll try!" In the face of the army chief's inescapable look, Li said quietly.

 What kind of person is Li Tsung-na, a beautiful programmer who has written more than 400,000 lines of code in more than 90 days?4

Some people liken computer programming to "mountain and water kung fu", which not only shows that the work should have the firmness of the mountains, but also shows that this is a undecided, flexible work. L i Tsung-na knows the truth. O n the day of the assignment, she bought boxes of instant noodles, locked herself in the office, and worked hard. H alfway through the work, she discovered that programming was not programming in the traditional sense at all, involving the development of the operating system kernel and underlying drivers. T hat is to say, all their busyness these days is around this programming, there is no substantive stage. This technology that has never been involved in before, if successful, can be in the field of computer network security to create a well-known copper wall iron wall, any technical means will be difficult to invade, this is a revolution in network protection!

Day after day, night after night, despite her best efforts, she still found it difficult to break through. L i Tsung-na almost desperate, a full month of time, or no clue. T he spell on the computer screen was as dense as the code, which caused her to have a headache. " I can't do an enough." T hat night, already a little confused Li Tsung-na leaned against the chair, unable to see the ceiling, can not feel the light on the ceiling, eyes are still a string of code. S he wanted to give up, but she felt a glimmer of light in front of her, but she couldn't catch it. I f you give up now, the subject will not be completed; I f she continued, she clearly felt her body floating in the air. Days of exertion made her realize soberly that she might not be able to bear it again.

"Hold on!" N ow back down, faceless to see Jiangdong father old! I 'd rather let everyone see Li Tsung-na in the office who can't get up anymore, or Li Tsung-na, who's getting out of here! O n the day I joined the Party, I told the political committee that loyalty can produce and release great energy! C ommunists can't break their word!" Li Tsung-na semi-conscious semi-obsessed, before the eyes also slowly appeared hallucinations, she saw the graduation of the students to give each other message scene, saw the student team leader cordial smile, saw the Kweshinda Hansan tunnel mouth gathered together those father's comrades, they huddled in the cold wind of the plateau, exchanged smoking that newspaper rolled into the horn barrel dry smoke ... ...

She sat up, in a semi-conscious state, trying to capture the light that seemed to develop her mind, tapping the keyboard mechanically, and rolling the code in front of her. L i Tsung-na, who was completely overdrawn, couldn't hold on and fell asleep on the table. She dreamt that she was struggling in the code heap, looking for it, and suddenly the light was caught by her, and the cut-in of the programming suddenly became clear in her mind.

"I found it!" Li Tsung-na was so excited that she jumped up, and when she fell to the ground, she found that the early morning sun was shining all over the house.

 What kind of person is Li Tsung-na, a beautiful programmer who has written more than 400,000 lines of code in more than 90 days?5

"The programming method in your sleep is the starting point for this program!" T hat's right!" Excited Li Tsung-na although the ears buzzing, but she can not care about anything, take pen and paper, one breath wrote more than 20 pages, and so on when everything is finished, she took a piece of paper, wrote a "I sleep, who disturbs is a puppy" note, affixed to the office door, lying on the floor is half a foot thick waste paper asleep.

By the time Li woke up from the hospital, everyone had been working three days and nights in a row according to the outline she had written, and the procedure had been written almost. M s. Li spent three days in a coma in the hospital, where doctors said she needed recuperation, a high degree of nervousness and a number of breakdowns in her cerebrovascular vessels. After Li Tsung-na was discharged from the hospital, her beautiful big eyes also fell from the bottom of the eye bleeding disease.

One month in 2009, at a national business seminar organized by computer experts, when the program, which has won the Science and Technology Progress Award, was presented to the experts, an academician excitedly said: "Information technology, although one day a change in development, but this program is guaranteed to manage for 10 years!" Xiao Li girl is not simple, cold weapons era summer dynasty season lyrical armor, protection is a group, Xiao Li to the network armor, protection is an era ah!

Under the network sky, only go out to meet the latest sunshine

Li Tsung-na, at the end of 2008, a department


As early as the early 1980s, American social forecaster Toffler proposed the concept of war in the information age in his book Second Wave. B ut today, 30 years after the rapid development of information, the world is still accustomed to the inertial thinking of protecting information after an attack. To this end, some people lament: the information age, is an unguarded era, but also a group of saboteurs clamoring and a group of protectors tired of the era.

In fact, as early as 2008, has deeply understood the future of information war that kind of invisible cruel Li Tsung-na in a region-wide meeting, has faced many experts boldly put forward: computer information is a rapidly changing technology, yesterday's technology, can not win tomorrow's war, in the field of information, closed-door car protection is passive beating, we should go out and learn from the world, only in this way, our information security can be effectively guaranteed. T he speech of a young girl in her 20s made a big splash at the meeting. Some people say that Li Tsung-na because of the recognition of the headquarters, even in the expert gathering meeting began to point fingers, but more people said that Li Tsung-na's proposal is reasonable, do not understand the latest technology of our time, how can we cast a shield for our cyberspace armor?

After the meeting, Li Tsong-na returned to the army and reported to the army leadership on the presentation. A fter listening to Li Tsung-na's report, the army chief, Wang Yu, and many old comrades said nothing. The next day, Li Tsung-na work found that in the army office building in a prominent position on the interior wall, "yesterday's technology, can not win tomorrow's war" these 13 bright red words were set up.

 What kind of person is Li Tsung-na, a beautiful programmer who has written more than 400,000 lines of code in more than 90 days?6

In the face of this line of big words, Li Tsung-na choked. " Xiao Li, your words are right, these years, learning style to change, network technology is like the sun, every day is new, only go out, can see the latest sun." Gaogong Leiliang came over and looked at the hairy Li Tsung-na and smiled.

Li Tsung-na's eyes were instantly wet! Her words, even caused the army leadership so high attention, an invisible force to make her can not help but straighten up the waist plate, word for word said: "to go out, out of our previous space, out of our previous way of thinking, Lei Gaogong, you are right, network technology is sunshine, every second is changing, only go out, to meet the latest sun, to find the ever-changing network technology!"


At the end of 2008, just in Lanzhou Military Region, according to Li Tsung-na's proposal to vigorously set off a "going out to learn" boom, a military district organ named her to participate in the computer major graduate examination, many people are happy for her, Li Tsung-na also from the heart for this hard-won opportunity and happy. J ust as she was preparing to take the exam, the military sent a telegram asking the ministry to send a skilled backbone to participate in the army's "cyber security" competition. G et this notice, the army party committee "a class of people" is difficult: let Li Tsung-na to participate in Biwu, is bound to let her sacrifice the opportunity to study, but the selection of factional people, but also worried about not winning the prize, after all, this is the whole army of a comparison ah! I t's about the honor of hundreds of thousands of officers and soldiers in a war zone! Li Congna hesitated, the examination and research is an opportunity, but Biwu is also an opportunity to go out to learn ah!

Sleepless all night. T he next day at work, Li Tsung-na reported to the army chief Wang Yu: give up the examination and research, to participate in Biwu. Li Tsung-na that day's reason is this: the future of examination and research there is still a chance, but Biwu only such an opportunity, Biwu is not only in order to win honor, more importantly, with the army's master tricks, learned is the book and the classroom will never learn things, because only in Biwu, the masters will not hesitate to blood bright sword.

Go out and learn in a wider space what you wouldn't normally be able to access. Li Tsung-na decisively gave up the organization to give her the opportunity to study.

In early 2009, the tall girl stood in a dress on the beijing arena, and everyone present found that she was the only woman in the arena, and so gentle and beautiful.

When Li Tsung-Na Saw The Information of the 64 Contectants Who Participated in Biwu, She WAS 憷, And Her Opponents WERE Almost All Ph.d.s. P eople like to give the network space master with the "genius" crown, in addition to these masters have a wide range of knowledge, they generally have ordinary people can not learn, Li Tsung-na is also such a "genius". W hen a knife and lightsaber shadow of the killing unfolded, the long-cooled Li Tsung-na's brain began to run at high speed, in the face of a master of the competition, she constantly tapping the keyboard, before the opponent will be iron armor hanging in their own cyberspace. Beijing's severe winter killing cold, the players one by one eyebrows locked, Li Tsung-na's originally tight face gradually smiled.

She stepped out of her former learning space and mode of thinking, and stepped into the knife and gun array of 63 other masters, slowly becoming more comfortable with caution. W hen the two days of competition ended, the beautiful girl was surrounded by applause and flowers on the podium. When the majestic military song sounded, one gold medal and two bronze medals hung on her chest.

The magnesium lamp gushed at her. L i Tsung-na smiled and told reporters: "This time than Wu, in fact, my teacher is the other 63 contestants." Li Tsung-na, who stepped onto the stage of the competition, also walked into the network sky, ushering in the first brilliant sunshine of the morning.

 What kind of person is Li Tsung-na, a beautiful programmer who has written more than 400,000 lines of code in more than 90 days?7


In the summer of 2009, a drill in the war zone began in the scalding Gobi, and Li Tsung-na, who participated in the exercise, formed a group with several other unknown "little-word" comrades. T his large-scale exercise, the director command is all generals, many people in the formation of high-level team-mates, in order to be able to successfully complete the task in the exercise. W hen someone finds out that she and Li Tsung-na are new to the group, remind her to adjust the formation so as not to lose in the exercise. L i Congna listened to the good people's reminder, smiled and said: "Threesome, there must be my teacher, as long as they can give me a ray of light, I can create a sunny day."

However, after the start of the exercise, as the "blue side" of the Li Tsung-na team repeatedly tracked the "red side" target failed. F rustrated again and again, she was a little irritable, and in the absence of any way to meditate, Li Tsung-na organized a group meeting: "Comrades, the new equipment structure is special, we have to find another way." " Just as everyone was talking, suddenly a bee flew in and stuck on a bottle of honey. At this time, I do not know who said: "Ligong, can you seduce each other like a bee?"

"You say it again!" L i Congna was so excited to hear the proposal that she almost jumped up. A fter much discussion by the group, Li decided to name the plan Operation Honeypot and let the greedy bugs in. After two days of intense design, when the "red side" found Li Tsung-na their gap, began to burst into, but did not expect this is a trap.

"That's the price of greed!" M y invincible righteous teacher never peeps at others, but you are never allowed to spy!" Li Congna smiled and sent such a message to the defeated "Red Party".

At the end of 2009, Li Tsung-na their field research and development of technical achievements won the second prize of the military scientific and technological progress, in the scientific research team's celebration banquet, she said to her team's personnel: "going out to learn, in fact, is out of the shadow of self-righteousness, this is the true meaning of going out to learn!"

Because the stars are bright, there is the spectacular Milky Way

Li Tsung-na, Beijing, October 2011


In 2011, the information construction of Lanzhou war zone achieved remarkable results. A s an elite figure in the construction of information technology, Li Tsung-na was recognized by the military region as an "advanced individual", "learning and practicing the core values of revolutionary soldiers typical" "advanced individuals in military training", and won second-class personal honors. I n October, she was recognized by headquarters as "the whole army to learn to become a standard soldier." Speaking at the commendation conference, Li gave up her unit's long-prepared speech and said excitedly to the hundreds of officers and soldiers who were sitting in the auditorium:

...... Organization gave me a person so many honors, but I know, if there is no with me to fight side by side comrades, without them, I am at most just a star in the Milky Way with a shimmering light, because my comrades and I always stand together, because the stars of the bright, there is the spectacular Galaxy, I can not forget the credit of my comrades!

The always strong girl burst into tears as the audience burst into applause for her rustic speech.

In 2010, the headquarters named a network protection technology research and development project to Li Tsung-na's troops. T his is a brand-new subject, in view of the increasing vulnerabilities in cyberspace, only to create a 360-degree full range of protective armor, in order to ensure that the future information war invincible. B ut the network space has already exceeded the real sense of three-dimensional space, to make up for the gap, how easy to talk about! A t first, after a few nights of attacks by a famous comrade, there was an illusion. L i Tsung-na knows that this is the only way for cyber security experts to enter a realm, but it is also a very bumpy road to explore. S he gently induced the comrade to speak his mind and tried to make him relax. W hen the comrade came up with a clever idea, Li Tsung-na could not contain the excitement, arranged for the comrade to be sent back to rest, he continued to attack for 3 days and 3 nights in a row, finally found a breakthrough in the project. Three months later, the project was successfully developed, and when the military district decided to report the list of members of the task force, Li insisted that the comrade's name be at the top of her list.

There will be no shadows in a heart that shines like gold. L i Tsung-na's heart only the protection of cyberspace, there is no merit. After winning the prize in the project, Li Tsung-na gave up the first place, but she received a right-hand man, six months later, she and the assistant in charge of a result of the military science and technology progress award second prize.

 What kind of person is Li Tsung-na, a beautiful programmer who has written more than 400,000 lines of code in more than 90 days?8


After the Spring Festival in 2010, cyber security training in the military region was opened in the ancient city of Xi'an. When Li learned the news, she was the first to apply to the military district, where she served as a faculty member.

"This girl is really, in the information age, body stunt is baby, if the knack is taught to others, she is still incense?" S omeone was talking so quietly behind her back, and someone was kindly reminding her. Li Tsung-na does not know that network technology is in fact an unconventional way of thinking, difficult to say, very difficult, simple to say, often in a flash of light, can solve several generations of problems that are not clear.

On the train from Lanzhou to Xi'an, Li Tsung-na couldn't sleep: he took on the teaching of network security training in the whole district this time, can this task be taken down? I n a short period of 100 days, can you train and select some good seedlings? At this time, her mind is full of training things, friends to her "church apprentices starve to death master" warning has long been forgotten.

The first time she taught, Li Tsung-na found that she had no teaching experience, she wanted to teach the knowledge of these trained officers and soldiers, it is very difficult. If she speaks deeply, everyone looks dazed one by one, but to speak easily, she does not know where to start.

That night, Li Tsung-na again stayed up all night. T he next day at work, the comrades in the training team found that she had sent each person a 20,000-word outline of the instruction. L i Tsung-na did not know that she rushed out overnight teaching outline, not only to improve the quality of training work, but also for two months after the region's large-scale training to prepare teaching materials to provide a fundamental basis. M ore than a month later, the training is over, when a senior network expert on-site assessment of the students, surprised to say: "such a short time, you can train so many excellent students, the team training staff is absolutely genius!" When the expert looked at Li Tsung-na's teaching outline, excited hands trembling, immediately to the relevant departments of the military region report: ask a department of Comrade Li Tsung-na to take the lead in organizing the war zone's first network security textbook preparation work.

Six months later, Li and her comrades walked into a conference room in a military district with hundreds of thousands of words of textbooks, and experts couldn't believe they could produce such high-quality materials in such a short period of time. When we asked Li Tsung-na what tips, the army chief Wang Yu smiled and said, Xiao Li's trick is to use the computer as her boyfriend! At the end of 2011, after the demonstration of our military authorities, Li Tsung-na prepared teaching materials will be formally used in the army's computer teaching, which is by far the army editor-in-chief of a certain field of teaching materials the youngest editor, but also the shortest time to compile teaching materials.

 What kind of person is Li Tsung-na, a beautiful programmer who has written more than 400,000 lines of code in more than 90 days?9


In the spring of 2012, Li, who had just returned from attending the International Computer Forum, heard two messages: an American professor who was attending a seminar with her, eager for her to give herself an hour to hear Li's unique insights into the computer field; Another is that she has just been elected the national "38 red flag bearer".

Li Tsung-na was a little excited, not because he was elected the country's "38 red flag bearer", but the white-haired American professor and his own conversation. That day, in front of many international experts, Li Congna spoke with several experts in fluent English about cyber security in the information age:

Chinese believe in the truth that when you raise your arms and attack someone, your body is exposed to the other person's eyes to the maximum extent possible, that is, your deadly place is the moment you attack someone else. So I think that the biggest protection is information sharing, so that information for the benefit of all mankind, but also only with such a original intention of the nation and the country, their computer systems will always be the most secure.

In that conversation, Li Tsung-na most just wanted to show Chinese position, want to show the attitude of a Chinese soldier. T he white-haired professor kept staring at her, his blue eyes full of tears. A s Li Tsung-na left, the professor grabbed her arm and said, "Girl, forgive me for my presumptuousness. T rue security is not technology, it is the good heart of mankind. P eace is the strongest armor in cyberspace.

Now, Lee has taken on the burden of a director in one of her units, and her team, along with 16 other elite soldiers, want to work with her to build more network armor. I n May 2012, Jincheng Chunyirong, in a certain part of the camp, Li Tsung-na to accept a large number of media interviews, in the face of reporters one after another of the questions, she talked. While accompanying the interview of the army chief Wang Yu told reporters with a smile, everyone quickly interview, finished quickly let her vacation, there is a boy waiting for her.

Li Tsung-na such a beautiful sister, outstanding appearance, in the work is also very hard, made a lot of achievements, no wonder so many people like her. M ing Ming can eat on her face, she leans on talent. It is also hoped that Li Tsung-na will make further efforts and work harder to study computers and contribute to the development of Chinese computers.