Facebook killed into the takeaway industry to imitate Baidu to do a takeaway!

Jun 02, 2021 16:00 Article blog

In everyone's mind, Facebook is a social networking platform. B ut some time ago, Facebook announced that it would enter the takeaway industry. T hrough the facebook restaurant homepage, users in the U.S. can order on it. Facebook says the main purpose of this is to help users connect with their businesses.

 Facebook killed into the takeaway industry to imitate Baidu to do a takeaway!1

In addition to ordering meals, users can also buy movie tickets, tickets for events and shows, beauty salons, spa services and more, according to facebook's official blog.

In fact, earlier, Facebook released the "mall" platform, many users can complete the local merchandise transactions on it. In this way, it tries to connect businesses on Facebook with individual users.

Facebook, which has 1.7 billion monthly active users, has also introduced recommendations. I f your restaurant tastes good, you can recommend it to other users. I f a user enters a new status that involves asking someone to recommend a restaurant, facebook detects the information and gives the user a button to recommend it. W hen the user clicks the recommendation button, a request for recommendation appears in the information flow. F riends can also follow this request to recommend. For user convenience, various types of recommendations will appear on the map and in the form of pushpins.

 Facebook killed into the takeaway industry to imitate Baidu to do a takeaway!2

Do you feel familiar with these new features of facebook? In fact, many social networks in our country have long since started to provide a variety of life services, whether it is taxi, water and electricity workers, takeaways, can be found.

Facebook's share price has risen as it offers these one-stop services. I t rose 0.8 percent to $129.58 in just a few days. GrubHub's share price has fallen sharply because of the service it offers, similar to the one Facebook intends to tap into.

The news that Facebook was killing into the takeaway industry has attracted the attention of Chinese netizens.

Netizen 1: Facebook imitates Baidu;

Netizen 2: Facebook takeaway;

Netizen 3: Facebook monopoly has intensified;

Netizen IV: Facebook OS is about to be born;

Netizen five: some people say Oops, like Baidu sent takeaway;

Netizen 6: Domestic Internet services have led the United States Emperor.

Netizen seven: copy Baidu, to Baidu?

 Facebook killed into the takeaway industry to imitate Baidu to do a takeaway!3

Facebook has entered the O2O field, it seems that the Internet competition is growing, no wonder Baidu takeaway is going to enlarge the recruitment. S ources said that in order to compete for more users and resources, Baidu is planning, will be Baidu takeaway financing. T he amount raised could be $500 million. According to relevant sources, although the amount of the financing has not been determined, but the expected size of financing, at least $300 million.

In China's takeaway sector, the main competitors are Tencent's New America, Alibaba's Hungry, Baidu Takeaway. Takeaway market competition is quite fierce, Baidu takeaway in order to consolidate the takeaway market, only through financing to compete for merchant resources and delivery staff.

Facebook, which has been active for 1.7 billion months, is in the takeaway industry this time, and the industry is bullish. But about Facebook imitating Baidu's statement, netizens are just teasing, after all, do takeaway so much.

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