China's black technology is more bull X than hackers! It can crack any password in a second

Jun 02, 2021 17:00 Article blog

Two days ago W3Cschool small editor published a "this powerful Trojan virus locked mobile phone" (want to see can subscribe to us in the upper right corner) article, as we all know, our mobile phones, computers and other passwords are cracked, many times hackers implant Trojan virus, and then steal in this way.

But by chance, W3Cschool small editor saw such a video "one second to crack all your passwords - Chinese Academy of Sciences academician Guo Guangcan interpretation of quantum computers", scared W3Cschool small editor hastened to run to see the balance of the bank card, fortunately, fortunately the money is still there, the password was not cracked. Wherever quantum computers are sacred, they can crack any password.

 China's black technology is more bull X than hackers! It can crack any password in a second1

The space race of the 21st century refers to quantum computers, and the advent of quantum computers also means the advent of an epoch-making revolution. Quantum computers are powerful in computing, and traditional computers, such as large database searches, designing advanced materials, and complex drugs, can't solve or are difficult to solve.

For now, how to overlay its quantum state to the maximum and long time is arguably the biggest challenge of quantum computers. The main reason for this is that it preserves longer-term quantum information, which in turn is beneficial to the development of more reliable super quantum computers.

Traditional computers process data step-by-step, whereas quantum computers do not, they are done synchronously. D oing so can save a lot of time and be beneficial for the calculation of large-scale data. I f the number of data being processed increases, so does the difficult line shape that traditional computers face. T he network of 1,600 supercomputers has been working for almost eight months to break down a 129-bit figure. Similarly, breaking down a 140-digit number can take hundreds of years.

 China's black technology is more bull X than hackers! It can crack any password in a second2

At this point, as long as a quantum computer, in a few seconds can get results. Q uantum computers have the same computing power as 100 billion Pentium processors. Not only that, but quantum computers can be efficiently imitated for any physical system.

High speed is an important feature of VDE, and energy saving is also its advantage. I f, in theory, the whole process of quantum computing is not energy-intensive. Processors on D-Wave quantum computers, for example, consume only 1 microwattt.

The study of quantum computers in China is still in its infancy. H owever, according to relevant reports, the Chinese government is very keen to develop quantum computers, so in this area of research funding is very large, very supportive. Guo Guangcan, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, says quantum computers, once developed, will crack all the passwords they have now.

 China's black technology is more bull X than hackers! It can crack any password in a second3

But about the quantum computer can crack any password in a second, many netizens feel impossible, someone launched "quantum computer can really crack any password?" "Question and answer, the result received a lot of responses from netizens, the following is the answer of netizens:

 China's black technology is more bull X than hackers! It can crack any password in a second4

After quantum computers have been studied, is privacy nowhere to be seen?

Although many netizens don't believe in the powerful power of quantum computers, it doesn't stop Chinese research. S o when quantum computers are studied, is our privacy really nowhere to be seen? T he academic community is also concerned about this issue. S ome asymmetric cipher systems have also been proposed, which are said to solve the problem. T hese symmetrical cipher systems include multivariate-based systems, error-correcting code-based systems (McEliece), lattice-based systems, and so on. N one of these systems are dependent on implicit subgroup problems, so they are immune no matter how much of a threat quantum computers pose. B ut as long as quantum computers are made, we will also have a certain technical reserve to maintain privacy. Q uantum computers can be used to decipher passwords when they are made, and they also play a role in password generation. And the cryptographic system generated by quantum computers may be enough to untie itself.

Quantum computers look so bull that they rob hackers of their jobs. R umor has it that many programmers will lose their jobs after quantum computers are available. B ecause quantum computers can learn from past experience and correct themselves, they can also modify program code that appears to be garbled. Read this news, harm W3Cschool small editor scared, it seems that the future will lose their jobs, but I also have to earn money to support the family.